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Delicious Guilt-Free Chocolate

“Probably the World’s Healthiest Chocolate”

Probably the world’s healthiest chocolate that is not only naturally delicious and sugar free* but brings award-winning taste.



Our Two Offerings:

Ethically sourced São Tomé Cacao,  roasted properly. Next we add one of either: oatm*lk or caramelised real whole milk. That’s it. Plus of course, a bucket load time, care and expertise, but that’s hard to list in grammes on the box.

We don’t believe in additives. We don’t make junk and try to fix it later. There are no excuses. *No sugar. No sugar substitutes. Real food only. This is probably the World’s Healthiest Chocolate. 


*super low levels of sugars naturally occur in cacao and milk, none are added

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Naturally Sweet | No Added Sugar | Healthy Chocolate

Eating chocolate that’s not sweet is different. I loved it! You can really taste the cacao and the depth thereof. But is takes some getting used to. Thanks for the experience.
Alisa | Retail Customer
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Overall, it’s a complex set of flavours but it gels so well, and it’s hard to believe all of this comes from two very fine ingredients. It sits on the darker side of a dark milk chocolate and certainly delivers on David’s aims of creating a flavourful chocolate bar without bitterness nor astringency.

Editor in Chief | Chocolatier.co.uk

Minimalistically modern, consciously ethical and packed with craftsmanship and superior creativity, the unsweetened truth of the matter is that Minimalist chocolate is going to transform the way we interact with our beloved cocoa fix. Guilt-free!

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Returns & Refund Policy

Damaged Or Melted Orders

For melted or damaged orders, we will find a way to make you happy asap. Please take a photo of the damage and send us an email

Please attach the photos and provide as much information so that we can prevent this happening again in the future.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship worldwide from our Artisanal Makespace in Cape Town. Delivery takes up to 7 days.

We ship weekdays. 

Chocolate is easily damaged by excessive heat and sunlight. We take every precaution to ensure the integrity of your shipment. 


Giovanni’s Deli World | Green Point

Arthurs Mini Super | Sea Point

Frankie Fenner | Woodstock

Kleinsky’s Deli | Sea Point

Veld.app | Cape Town | Johannesburg | Durban 

Minimalist Chocolate is a luxuriously creamy, flavourful and mouth-filling delight that satisfies your chocolate craving in just a few blocks. And best of all, it’s actually good for you! David and the team at Truth have changed the landscape of chocolate forever.

Minimalist Chocolate Bonbons - Naturally delicious, Sugar free* Chocolate
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Bon Bons

available in store @ 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

The word “bonbon” comes from the the word bon, meaning “good” in the French. It originated in the seventeenth century within the French royal court, and spread to other European countries by the eighteenth century. Bonbons began to be served in ornate containers by the middle of the eighteenth century, which would be given as gifts at festivals and on holidays such as New Year’s Day.

Who will you spoil with a box of Minimalist Bonbons?

Minimalist 60% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

60% Sao Tome Cocoa roasted to perfection by us, conched for 3 days with caramelised milk.

Flavoursome, creamy, delicious coating the mouth fully. This doesn’t take a bar to indulge and obsess over, a block or three will leave you satisfied.

Naturally sweet and creamy, not bitter or dry

Two ingredients. Cacao(60%) and Milk (40%)

That’s it.

Guilt-free indulgence.

No additives ever

Minimalist Chocolate Bars - Naturally delicious, Sugar free* Chocolate

“love this new offering from the Truth team – and in full keeping with their creativity and commitment to quality – the packaging itself is enough to intrigue me. Minimalist is a rich, guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate which no compromise to taste. My favourites were the bon bons – a good entry point for people not used to sugar-free chocolate.”

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