Countdown to our Launch

So, this journey from bean to bar. We found the perfect Cacao, more on that here. The packaging is a revelation (literally) the flavour is delicious. The feedback is polarising. It is loved or hated. And that was our aim To do for Chocolate what we had already succeeded with in Coffee, The idea that […]

Ready. Fire. Aim.

A phrase I have heard many times working with a certain David Donde – and this time applied vigorously. The meeting went something like this…” right, we are doing something completely new, chocolate… aaaaaaand go!” Flustered, flabbergasted, and some other word starting with an “F” was all I felt at that point. It took some […]

Progress report. Captains log

So Alyssa and I man (woman?) the phones (ok, ok, do some email, some linked in, even some WhatsApp) start hustling for speciality cacao green beans. mist don’t have a clue what we are asking about. A former industry expert firmly tells me not to bother. Tells me to order from her old company, a […]

Second trial

We roasted. I chewed the newly roasted beans. First bean, Joy! Yes this is what we ‘talkin ‘bout 2nd bean. Is it ok to spit? lesson: not all beans are good Back to coffee 101: “You can’t polish a turd” some Australian Barista find better beans

First trial

60% Tanzanian “specialty beans” from 2 co-ops. 40% milk solids. Beans pre-roasted by a friend. Tastes ok. But dry. Slightly bitter. Salt improved it tons. Must try harder

COVID-19, hard lockdown and unexpected Joy

Minimalist Chocolate - Naturally delicious, Sugar free* Chocolate

The long haul was about to start. Here I am writing this 100 days in. Thus far into the future I could see. What to do? What to do? Who are we at Truth Coffee Roasting, what do we do well? What talent and stuff do we collectively have? What’s our next? Responsibility for 60 […]