So, this journey from bean to bar. We found the perfect Cacao, more on that here. The packaging is a revelation (literally) the flavour is delicious. The feedback is polarising. It is loved or hated. And that was our aim

To do for Chocolate what we had already succeeded with in Coffee, The idea that bitterness was a fault, not a feature.

Extensive testing, tasting and analysis was bearing fruit.

The right cacao and milk, the right chocolate. creamy mouth feel, delicious flavour, Suitable for sugar free diets, dare we even say Banting or low carb? Perhaps Tim Noakes or even Phil Maffetone would be impressed with what we did there.

Yesterday was the photography so that we can tell you more about it, beautifully, Thank you Crave Photography.

But really this is about an amazing team doing amazing work. Olly, Alyssa, Ken, Bobby, Brent, and yes you too Monique, never a tasting missed.

We even made a podcast with these pioneers in chocolate, Hotel Chocolat and Chocolate ethical pioneers Tonys Chocolonely at Unwrapping the chocolate industry, what an opportunity for our fledgling startup to rub shoulders with these greats

Anyway, let’s step ahead to the good stuff. We are about to launch. In a few days from today, the 110th of February 2021 we will begin selling chocolate bars, boxes of filled chocolates and at Truth Coffee, serving our hot chocolate grenades. But more on all of that soon!