The long haul was about to start. Here I am writing this 100 days in. Thus far into the future I could see.

What to do? What to do?

Who are we at Truth Coffee Roasting, what do we do well? What talent and stuff do we collectively have? What’s our next?

Responsibility for 60 people and their families weighs heavily on me. Mouths to feed.

Chocolate. Yes. That’s it. Why is chocolate bitter? Does it need to be? Does it really need sugar to make it taste different?

I hate bitter and dry (astringent) chocolate. Dark chocolate is almost universally awful to me. There must be a better way

The thing is I asked these questions once before. In 2005. Just before opening Cape Town’s first speciality coffee roastery. This is familiar territory.

chocolate is so coffee in the 1990’s

There must be a better way. Well, spoiler alert there is. I just tasted it. A two component chocolate bar. Cacao and milk. That’s it. A Nicaraguan bean, roasted and cinched at Truth Coffee Roasting and Made into a bar. We have that childhood joy in a guilt free bar. No more waiting for cheat day for me.

No Sugar Required….really?


this will work. I owe it to my people