A phrase I have heard many times working with a certain David Donde – and this time applied vigorously.

The meeting went something like this…” right, we are doing something completely new, chocolate… aaaaaaand go!” Flustered, flabbergasted, and some other word starting with an “F” was all I felt at that point. It took some talking to get to step one (let’s be honest) but once we were there there was no stopping. Once the momentum built, the curiosity to figure things out fueled the fire… and we got there, a mould/mold (still debating which one to use) of either a bear claw or car (depends on the angle) of a single-origin Nicaraguan Nugu hit the spot.

Now, for the the AIM. Adjusting, getting geeky, having tasting sessions and infecting the team with curiosity. These will allow the product to just keep getting better!

Will keep you posted.